When you're investigating the strange and unexplained, the government will do anything to hide the truth. That's why the most important motto for any fan of The X Files is "Trust No One." Even Deep Throat feeds misinformation to Mulder while also guiding him towards certain facts. As Deep Throat explains, "the best lies are sandwiched between two truths." This mug is painted with the iconic X as well as the "trust no one" phrase on the outside and a green on the inside that matches the X.

This 24 ounce super mug is ceramic that has been hand painted using high quality food safe glazes and then fired in a kiln at 1800 degrees F for 14 hours. In other words, it is neither some printed mug like you'd get from Shutterfly nor are the materials like something you'd buy at a hobby store and heat in your oven.



ceramic, painted


Ceramic Mug - Trust No One

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