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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Have you RSVPed for GeekCraft Expo Seattle yet? This free, family-friendly craft fair is coming to the Seattle Center December 10 and 11! We were lucky enough to chat with Clover Creek Creations' Eowyn Elleveve, one of our talented exhibitors, who creates size-inclusive, geeky clothing that's also friendly to the environment. Read on!


GeekCraft Expo: How did you get into sewing?


Eowyn Elleveve: My grandmother is a quilter, and she taught me to sew when I was a kid. I made my dolls clothes, and eventually started making my own. When I was 18, I apprenticed with a clothing designer who taught me pattern design and garment construction and I have dabbled in historical reenactment, making garments to fit different eras. I love fashion history, and have always been passionate about self expression through clothing. Sewing combines the "math brain" and the "creative brain" in a way that suits me well.


GCE: What inspired you to combine geeky things with clothing?


EE: When I started making geeky women's clothing, it was because there weren't many geeky options out there for those of us who dress or identify as feminine. There were even fewer options that were plus size or size inclusive. I started buying clothing made for men or boys, and altering it to fit my body. I got so many compliments, I just kept going. 


GCE: How did you develop your skirt pattern?


EE: My skirt pattern developed, in part, because I needed a summer line, and up until then I was mostly working with sweater knits. Because each piece is one-of-a-kind, I wanted it to fit the person who fell in love with it no matter their body size or shape, so I decided to make them wraparound to be one size fits all. Through trial and error, I have figured out the best way to make use of secondhand materials to make something that is cute, easy to wear, and continues to be inspiring to make!




GCE: Where do you find your material?


EE: Most of my materials are sourced from secondhand stores, many of which aren't in a condition to be worn as-is and are destined for the landfill. I am passionate about reducing our collective carbon footprint, and "fast fashion" is one of the biggest polluters that we can consciously affect as individuals. A typical garment in America is only worn five times! Many are sent to secondhand stores, but only a fraction are resold and re-worn. By using these garments as my raw materials, I am giving them a second life in a completely new way, and years of additional wear.


GCE: What do people like best about your pieces?


EE: The thing that inspires the most hugs and thanks, and the thing I'm most proud of, is that my clothing is size inclusive. I stock sizes small through 3XL and take custom orders to fit any body. People also love the care I take in choosing and combining materials. Many of my combinations have a hint of humor to them, and they are just really fun to wear!


GCE: What’s your favorite thing to sew?


EE: My favorite thing to sew is custom orders! I love working one-on-one to create the perfect garment for someone. Each client is also a muse, and my custom order process is really a collaboration, and I love the process from start to finish! 


GCE: What types of pieces will you be bringing to GeekCraft Expo Seattle?


EE: I am sewing my little fingers off getting ready for GeekCraft. I'll have a good stock of geeky wrap skirts, as well as upcycled sweater coats, hoods, and arm warmers, and my new line of upcycled leather jewelry. I'll also be taking custom orders, of course.


Our thanks go out to Eowyn for taking the time to answer all of our questions. You can see her creations and hundreds of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind geeky gifts at GeekCraft Expo Seattle December 10 and 11--hope to see you there!

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