Explore a Galaxy of Jewelry at GeekCraft Expo Seattle

Sunday, December 4, 2016


GeekCraft Expo Seattle is less than a week away--have you RSVPed on Facebook yet? Join us at our free show December 10 and 11 at the Seattle Center to browse an amazing array of geeky crafts, just in time for holiday shopping!


Here's a sneak peek at Angelwear Creations by Angela Jones-Parker, one of our amazing exhibitors!


GeekCraft Expo: First of all, your pieces are incredible—how did you get started in jewelry making?


Angela Jones-Parker: I stayed with my paternal grandparents a lot growing up. They didn't have toys for me but my Gran put a bunch of her old dressy stuff in a box for me to play with. I would take the broken bead strands and restring them . . . and yeah.  Here I am.


GCE: What inspired you to go the geek route?


AJP: I'm a geek! I love the idea of space and space travel so it wasn't a big leap to use that as a primary theme in my work.


GCE: You have several different styles of jewelry on your site—can you describe them?


AJP: I do a bunch of different stuff because I'm inspired by a bunch of stuff. Space stuff, science stuff, mid-century modern stuff and gem stuff all play a part in the "I'll make this thingie today" process.

GCE: Your pieces are so intricate and yet whimsical. Can you describe your design process?


AJP: My design process is "if I don't make this stuff and get it out of my head I will explode." Coming up with ideas of what to make is something that comes easily.


GCE: What are your favorite materials to use?


AJP: My fave materials to use are gems and silver but anything colorful will catch my attention and start my muse.


GCE: What is the most difficult part of making jewelry?


AJP: Pricing it.


GCE: Can you tell us what you’ll be bringing to GeekCraft Expo Seattle?


AJP: I'll be bringing my full assortment of work. I'll have anodized niobium and titanium flying saucer earrings and opal rings and silver hoops and and and . . . 


Thank you to Angela for taking a break from convention prep to answer our questions! Meet her in person at GeekCraft Seattle December 10 and 11, and don't forget to RSVP for our kickoff party December 9 at Artful Dodger Tattoo and Comics, with complimentary beer from Hop Valley Brewing, prizes from Dark Horse Comic, Gamma Ray Games, and more, and a signing by Deadpool's Daniel Way!

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