Discover Kawaii-Afro Cool at GeekCraft Expo RDU

Friday, April 14, 2017

We have an incredible group of geeky crafters at this year's GeekCraft Expo RDU, including returning exhibitor Vicki Be Wicked! You'll find a wide assortment of original Kawaii afro art created by shop owner Victoria Pittman.


Read on to learn more about Kawaii afro, diversity in the geek community, and what you'll see at Vicki Be Wicked's space May 14 at the Durham Armory!


GeekCraft Expo: Tell us about your shop!


Vicki Be Wicked: My shop consist of a variety of fun items. My work is inspired by pop culture, geek culture, the creepy-cute, and whatever else I find to be cool. You will find handmade buttons, original art wall hangings, humorous mugs, jewelry, and more. 


GCE: For those who are unfamiliar with the term, can you describe Kawaii Afro?


VBW: Kawaii Afro is something I recently decided to use as one phrase to describe my work: kawaii, a Japanese term that means "cute or adorable," and afro, referencing black culture. As a black artist and geekster, some of my work features afrocentric themes. In general my personal art has a creepy-cute vibe altogether. 


GCE: There’s been a lot of discussion in the geek community about diversity and inclusion—what’s your experience been?


VBW: I'm an advocate for diversity. I love the fact that there is starting to be more diversity in the geek community, though it has taken some time to go mainstream. But I love the fact that a larger group of diverse people are creating their own content. Representation matters. That's why I want to support other independent artist representing the minorities. 


GCE: How did you get started creating art?


VBW: I've been creating art ever since I was a little girl. My father was a major inspiration for me. He jumpstarted my interest into creating. 


GCE: You create so many types of cool stuff—from mugs to jewelry to tote bags. Do you have a particular favorite? What ties everything together for you?


VBW: I'm equally proud of all that I create. It's hard to pick favorites. But I love the process of making buttons. It's a tedious, repetitive job, but I like being able to make small wearable pieces of my art. 


GCE: What did you enjoy most about last year’s GeekCraft Expo RDU?


VBW: I didn't really know what to expect at last year's GeekCraft Expo RDU. But it turned out to be awesome. Locally there are always craft shows happening, but to have one aimed towards all things geek and fun is awesome. The environment was friendly, the staff were super helpful and overall I received positive feedback in response to my artwork. 


GCE: What are you bringing this year?


VBW: This year I will be adding pinback buttons, stickers, earrings, wall hangings, and more art prints.


Our thanks to Victoria for talking with us! We can't wait to see Vicki Be Wicked's table in person: make sure to RSVP for GeekCraft Expo RDU now!


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