Geeky Caticorn Brings Kawaii Plushes & More to GeekCraft Expo PDX

Monday, May 22, 2017

GeekCraft Expo PDX is less that three weeks away, returning to the DoubleTree Portland June 10 and 11! Turnout for our debut last year topped 4,500 attendees, and we're excited to bring even more incredible exhibitors together this year!


We had the chance to catch up with one of our returning exhibitors, Michelle Brekke from Geeky Caticorn. Her adorable plushes, phone cases, and more were a big hit—read on to discover what she's bringing this year!


GeekCraft Expo: How did you get started? 


Geeky Caticorn: I got started by just crafting as a hobby, started off doing amigurumi, those are the little crocheted animals and dolls. Once a project was done, I didn't know what to do with it, so I'd usually just give them away to family and friends. Eventually everyone started telling me I should stop giving everything away and sell it instead. So I did some research and started selling a the Hillsboro Tuesday Market. After talking with other vendors, I found out about other craft shows, and after attending my first con as a con-goer (way back in 2010), and shopping in the artist alley (I didn't know AA was a thing at cons, since I'd never been). After that, I decided I should apply to various artist alleys and I've been doing them ever since.


GCE: What did you make when you first began Geeky Caticorn?


GC: When I first started, I was making plushies, amigurumi, and decoden picture frames.


GCE: How did you develop your aesthetic? 

GC: Oh man, I'm still developing my aesthetic! At first I wanted to go all pastel and girlie, because I just love super girlie stuff, but I realized that not everyone else does, so I decided to tone my setup down a little. I do like to keep it pastel-kawaii for anime cons, but for comic cons and various other markets, I do tone it down a little and pick more neutral colors. I still try to keep that candy-shop look and feel though.


GCE: Your “whipped cream” phone cases and light switch covers are so cool—what is the whip made of? 


GC: Now you're asking a dangerous question! If I was asked this a few years ago, I wouldn't have answered, but it's so widely known now, a simple Google search will tell you. The only thing I won't divulge is the brand I use. I like to use silicone, it's light, shiny, and gives the cases a fluffy look, plus it's really easy to clean when it gets dusty.


GCE: What are your favorite characters and TV shows/movies? 


GC: I think I'm gonna have to limit myself here, otherwise I could probably write a book on it! (but let's be honest, who couldn't!) Right now, for TV, my #1 is Supernatural, I am behind on this season because of all the con prep, but I'll be caught up soon!!! Bob's Burgers, Archer, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Goldbergs (love the '80s nostalgia), and Stranger Things. Also, My Little Pony, Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, and Ouran High School Host Club (I'll limit my anime list).


There are so many more, but I'm trying to really limit myself here. For movies, pretty much anything Marvel, and most Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks films fall in there as well. For the most part, anything sci-fi and fantasy.


Thankfully my character favs are pretty short (for right now anyway) Captain America, Winter Soldier (I don't ship it, though), Loki, and Dean are pretty much the top of my list.


GCE: What do you like best about selling to the public? 


GC: Most definitely, the interactions! I love getting to see people's reactions when they come up to my table, especially when they see the decoden [glittery, "whipped cream" phone cases and art], because more often than not, it's mistaken for real cakes. Of course, geeking out with other people who share your fandoms is always super awesome!


GCE: What surprised you the most about GeekCraft Expo 2016? 


GC: Definitely, the advertising that went into the event and the turnout. But the thing that surprised me the most, was the optional lunch delivery that was offered to vendors and how helpful all the staff was, especially for those that were there alone. I had never experienced that level of attentiveness at an event before, and I was so grateful and it made the event all the better for it!


GCE: What kinds of things will you be bringing to the show this year?


GC: Definitely more bat plushies, I have a new octopus plush now, and hopefully I'll have a few caticorn plushies, I'm still working on developing the pattern for it. I will have more decoden phone cases, I've added DS cases to the decoden lineup as well, some new jewelry boxes, amigurumi, resin pendants, and I'm finally venturing into clothes, so I will have some new geeky skirts! Hopefully I will have a couple quilts finished in time as well.


Our thanks to Michelle for taking the time to chat with us! Don't forget to RSVP for GeekCraft Expo PDX, as well as our GCE kickoff party June 9 at Bridge City Comics with free beer from Hop Valley Brewing, prizes, and more!

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