Find Gifts for the Littlest Geeks at GeekCraft Expo Seattle's Holiday Market

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Did you know you can find locally made geeky gifts for everyone on your holiday list at GeekCraft Expo Seattle's Holiday Market? We've made sure to offer a curated selection of the finest local artisans, who are making the cutest, cleverest, most practical gifts you can find, whether you're shopping for siblings, grandparents, or the newest additions in your life!


Case in point: The Bibbers will be at Hangar 30 November 25 and 26 with bibs, "baprons," and stroller blankets for babies that are geeky and make parents' lives easier! Our interview with Erin Davis of The Bibbers is below:

GeekCraft Expo: What made you decide to focus on babies?

Erin Davis: We got started making bibs originally just for my daughter, Mara Jade (yes, she’s named after that Mara Jade from the Star Wars books). She had acid reflux as a baby and was constantly spitting up. It got to the point one day where I had changed her outfit five times in less than an hour! We bought a couple packs of cheap terry cloth bibs for her, but they were so bland and got drab and yucky really quickly. So with my trusty friend Pinterest at my side, I found an easy pattern for bandana bibs and made a few for her. They were adorable and perfectly solved our problem: change the bib, not the clothes. We had friends and family admire Mara’s bibs and ask if we could make some for their kids, and eventually it led to us opening our own Etsy shop.

GCE: Can you talk about your bandana bibs? How are they different from standard ones?
ED: Our main focuses with our bandana bibs is that they be fun, soft, and practical. We’re always on the lookout for geeky, cute, and quirky new fabrics. We back our bandanas with flannel, both because the flannel is great at absorbing just about anything a little one throws at it, and because its soft. And the design we chose for our bandanas is simple. Where other handmade bandanas have a more complicated, fashionable design, we’ve kept our focus on the reality of why you’re buying a bib from us: to help catch a mess.

GCE: Your “bapron” is something I haven’t seen before—an apron for babies?
ED: I first came across the “bapron” design at a Christmas gift expo down in Portland before my daughter was born. After we made a few bandana bibs for my daughter I asked my mom—who’s an epic quilter—if she could replicate the apron bib as well. While she was out shopping for fabric she discovered some PUL fabric meant for making cloth diapers and thought it would be a great option for the Bapron since it was waterproof, machine-washable, and baby-safe. After a little bit of trial and error, we got our first baprons made for Mara and they were just absolutely perfect for mealtime. The apron design meant it covered her chest and her lap, the loops around the arms and ties at the back meant she couldn’t just yank it off, and it was easy to just rinse it off between meals and then wash at the end of the week on laundry day.

GCE: What are your most popular items?
ED: Our shop staple is the bapron; it sells well on our Etsy store and at every farmer’s market and craft expo we attend. Our most popular bandana bibs are our geeky designs (superheroes especially) and anything with animals on it. We added our waterproof stroller blankets last fall and those have been so popular that we have a hard time keeping them in stock.

GCE: What’s your favorite geeky movie or TV show?
ED: Do I have to pick just one? Star Wars is one of the first movies I ever remember watching, and as evidenced by my choice in name for my daughter, has played a big part in my life. But I’ve also been greatly influenced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who.

GCE: What are you bringing to GeekCraft Expo's Seattle Holiday Market this year?
ED: We are bringing the geekiest-nerdiest designs from among all of our products (bandana bibs, baprons, and blankets). We’re also going to have a few of a special new item—a waterproof tote bag for the geek mom on the go. We hope we’ve got something for every geek mom or dad or grandparent or name-another-relative-here!


Make sure to RSVP for GeekCraft Expo's Seattle Holiday Market—it's free and family friendly!



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