MrSeams Brings Scream-Worthy Ties & More to GeekCraft Expo Midwest

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

GeekCraft Expo Midwest's Spring Thing is just six weeks away: come join us at the Madison Masonic Center March 3-4 to find cool, geeky handmade crafts!


Make sure to check our MrSeams, crafter of ties, towels, and more embroidered with motifs inspired by cult horror films, video games, and more! We chatted with Mr Seams himself, Joshua Snyder-Hill, to get the inside scoop of what he's bringing to Madison this March!


GeekCraft Expo: How did you get started with embroidery?

Joshua Snyder-Hill: I made some guest bathroom "horror" bath towel sets, Overlook and Bates. Next thing I know I'm making Hannibal Lecter kitchen towels with cannibal jokes. I basically embroidered anything I could with some cult classic character or game.

GCE: What spurred you to start selling to the public?

JSH: I’d have friends over who would see all my goofy embroidered gear and they would ask where I got them. When they found out I made them they'd ask if I'd make them something, and tell me I should sell them. So here I am.

GCE: How did you develop your products?

JSH: It's trial and error. The ties are a perfect example. One day I thought, I bet an embroidered tie would look really cool with some cult classic or iconic game. After ruining a handful of ties I realized I was on to something. That's pretty much how I stumbled into everything I make.

GCE: What are your favorite types of pieces to make?

JSH: I love the ties! I've been making groomsmen's party ties for a number of weddings and I can't tell you how fun it is to make such a personalized gift for such a big life event. I of course love making the silly designs I enjoy, but I love the custom orders so much because they usually come with a backstory people share with me.

GCE: You seem to have a special affinity for horror: what draws you to it?

JSH: I love a good scare! It's funny, I get so wound up being startled that you would think I hate horror, but I think it's fun, because after it's all said and done you survived. Plus even watching a friend jump or scream is a blast. I've gotten to the point that I go to horror conventions and have some of my own favorite ties I've made signed by my favorite stars. I've even had a few ask me to make them something, which is really cool!

GCE: What’s your favorite geek movie, TV show, or video game?

JSH: Goonies, hands down! Best underdog geek story ever. I may be biased because I've met Sean Astin a few times, but I love it! I love The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth too, Jim Henson was my hero as a kid. As for my favorite geek game I can't decide. I have every modern game system and a few generations back on a number of systems, plus I have a MAME arcade machine with over 200,000 games (that's no typo) so if I said a favorite game it would likely be because it's one I am playing right now.

GCE: What are you bringing to GeekCraft Expo Midwest this spring?

JSH: Ties, towels, patches, messenger bags, and hats. There will be a blend of genres, from horror to sci-fi, games to throwbacks. No matter what they'll be from some show, game, or movie I love!


Big thanks to Joshua for chatting with us. Be sure to RSVP for GeekCraft Expo Midwest's Spring Thing now!

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