Get to Know GeekCraft Expo: Social Media Director Jenny Valle

Monday, January 29, 2018

Have you ever gone to GeekCraft Expo (or seen us on social media) and wondered about the nerds putting this super-geeky handmade craft show together? You're in luck! Welcome to the third of four interviews that will peel back the glossy finish that is GeekCraft Expo and introduce you to the folks behind the scenes!


This time we're chatting with Social Media Director Jenny Valle, the incredibly creative and organized person behind those awesome Facebook videos (and posts) and our voice on Twitter and Instagram. Read on!


GeekCraft Expo: How did you come to be part of the Voltron-like entity that is GeekCraft Expo? Bonus question: which part of Voltron are you?

Jenny Valle: Dan and I used to work at the same comic shop. Well, Dan had a studio there and I was an employee. Since we just opened the shop and it was pretty slow he would come up to the front and talk about things, one of which was starting GeekCraft Expo. I thought that 1) I would definitely want to shop there and 2) I wanted to be a part of it so I helped found GCE as the Social Media Director!

. . . am I the right leg?? I feel like I'm the right leg. Maybe an arm? I don't want to hold the sword though, too pointy. I'll go with left arm.

GCE: What led you down the road to geekdom?

JV: I’ve basically been a huge nerd all my life, I used to wake up super early on Saturday mornings to watch those terrible dubs of Sailor Moon and play Super Nintendo. I've always loved sci-fi, computer programming . . . and, I mean, obviously comics, I worked at a comic shop for five years!

GCE: What are your favorite geeky pastimes?

JV: Obviously reading comics, I'm currently working my way through Kirby's Fourth World stuff and it's just really incredible, super visionary. I organize a Ladies' Comic Book Club, The Ultimate Alliance of Hardcore Lady-Types, at Ultimate Comics in Cary, NC. I'm also really into the Nintendo Switch, honestly it's kind of changed my life (currently playing Shovel Knight!) Oh! I've also started doing the New York Times crossword but I'm not very good at it yet.

GCE: What is your favorite part of working with GeekCraft Expo?

JV: Honestly the best part about working at GeekCraft Expo (aside from the incredible partners) is getting to meet a lot of the great geeky crafters who make incredible stuff around the country! It's really rad to talk to people who are super passionate about their geekiness and the crafts they make!

Also, shopping, the shopping is top notch!

GCE: If you could open a GCE show anywhere in the world, where would you pick and why?

JV: I'm ready for winter to be over and it would be great to go somewhere where I don't need to pack pants. Let's say Hawaii!

GCE: What is your favorite convention snack?

JV: Ruffles All Dressed. Donuts, cookies, anything with sugar!


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