Copper Chicken Brings Hogwarts House Colors to GeekCraft Expo Midwest

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Have you made plans to hit GeekCraft Expo Midwest's Spring Fling March 3-4? Get ready to explore thousands of handmade geeky crafts by the most talented and creative crafters in the Midwest, plus kids are invited to take part in free make-and-take crafts hosted by The Bodgery!


One of our returning exhibitors is Copper Chicken Farms, who creates fantastic nerdy pillows, furniture, and more! We spoke with Nichole McDonald about her latest designs and what she's bringing to the Madison Masonic Center this March:


GeekCraft Expo: What’s new with you since we last spoke?

Nichole McDonald: We have worked on several new embroidery and applique designs since the last time we were [at GeekCraft Expo]. The Labyrinth has inspired quite a few of them! And I have a few new "gamer" inspired designs as well.

GCE: What are you working on that you’re really digging right now?

NMc: I have some really cool hand-painted Boba Fett end tables in the works, I'm hoping they are done in time for GeekCraft.

GCE: You had some really cool furniture at the last GCE Midwest—will there be more this year?

NMc: There is going to be a lot of geeky furniture. We have actually doubled our booth space this spring so that we can bring more and larger pieces. Spring is the best time to redecorate! Who doesn't a Hogwarts house colors coffee table?

GCE: How do you design and make your pillows?

NMc: Our pillows are a labor of love. Most people don't realize how many layers of fabric are in a single design. If you look at a character and his pants are one color and then his skin, hair, and accessories are all different colors, each is a single layer of fabric that is laid down and then embroidered before I can move on to the next. And after that, they still have to be sewn into a pillowcase and then sewn around a pillow form. It can be very time consuming.

GCE: What’s your favorite geeky activity?

NMc: I'm trying to stay away from video games at the moment, but that is probably what I would be doing all the time if I could. Skyrim would take over my life.

GCE: If you were stranded on a desert island but could bring three movies, which would you pick?

NMc: This is by far the easiest question: The Labyrinth, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and something action-ish, like Die Hard!

GCE: What are you bringing to GeekCraft Expo Midwest this spring?

NMc: We will have our embroidered pillows and tote bags, some crazy stuffed creatures I have been working on, and some furniture that I am really proud of. We have a few special Harry Potter themed pieces and some Star Wars themed pieces that I have put a lot of energy into. From small nesting side tables to larger bar table sets, both Marvel and DC. I think we will have furniture pieces for everyone!


Our thanks to Nichole for the great interview. Make sure to RSVP to GeekCraft Expo Midwest's Spring Fling: it's family friendly and free to the public!


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