Frozen Water Designs Brings the Bling to GeekCraft Expo PDX

Monday, April 9, 2018


GeekCraft Expo PDX is just a month away--join us for our third annual Portland show, and our first show at the Oregon Convention Center! We'll have more than 80 local geeky crafters selling the coolest, most original gifts, apparel, jewelry, and more May 12 and 13, Mother's Day weekend!


One of our returning exhibitors is frozen water designs, creator of nerdy soaps, bath bombs, nail polish, and more! We interviewed Elly Ice about how she got her start, and what she's bringing to the show this year!


GeekCraft Expo: What inspired you to found frozen water designs?

Frozen Water Designs: It's been such a long time now, but I was really into making things for gifts (partially because I couldn't afford to buy fancy things for anyone, and partially because I just liked putting thought and care into the things I was giving). People would see these things and asked me if I would ever consider selling any of them. After a while it sort of dawned on me that that might actually be a good idea! A few friends were super encouraging and helped me out with some of the details, and here we are: I think it's been about eight or so years now.

GCE: How did you get interested in bath and body items?

FWD: So, back when I was first starting out on Etsy, someone mentioned I should join some trade groups, since it was a really good way to get consistent seller reviews. I did that, and met a lot of really great people. One of those shop owners talked me into trading for a beginner soaping kit. I can't remember what I sent to her, but that soap kit was probably the better end of the bargain and the best thing I could have accidentally gotten myself into. From there, I learned that we have a really excellent supplier up north here in Washington, and . . . well, the soap bug spread to things like bath bombs, lotions, nail polishes, balms, makeup, and so on. I started out in (and still sometimes make and repair) jewelry, but I definitely think the thing I am most known for now is soaps!

GCE: Can you talk about the different types of nail polish you create?

FWD: Oh boy. Nail polish has been a complicated, but fun and interesting, journey. I’ve been making these for about three years now, but there is still constantly something new to learn. I’m currently really enamored with holo polishes. These are made with an industry/FDA-approved 5 free polish base (free of some of the really terrible chemicals that used to be prevalent in polish, like toluene), a bit of either natural or dyed mica, and some extremely fine holographic glitter—the stuff that shines like mad in the sun. I’m a big fan of beautiful distraction, so I think these are perfect for things like parties, proposals, and board meetings.

GCE: How do you use your glitter pots?

FWD: These guys are full of solvent-resistant glitters, which makes them kind of versatile as heck. You can wear the glitter in your hair (just loose or add it to some hair gel), on your face (with a little bit of skin safe adhesive), use them for nail art designs (pop em right into a layer of polish and top coat over them), you could even put them in paint or epoxy to make all kinds of things. I’m going to be selling loose glitter in much larger quantities soon, so the sky is kind of the limit.

GCE: What are your favorite geeky movies, TV shows, comics, or video games?

FWD: This is a tough question, you know. I’d say the one that hits all four categories would be the X-Files. Speaking of, this will be coming with me to the show, in *very* limited quantities:

I do own a rainbow keyboard; it goes well with my rainbow computer!

Totally got off topic there. I also like most anything to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jeopardy (and all things trivia), the Legend of Zelda, old Commodore games, Doctor Who, and a whole lot more. This list could probably go on for quite some time . . .

GCE: What is your favorite convention snack?

FWD: Food. We're probably kind of spoiled up here for convention snacks, as the Washington State Convention Center has things like crepes right outside the doors. GCE Seattle had an excellent coffee vendor in the mornings, so I am going to say PAX. :)

GCE: What are you bringing to GeekCraft Expo PDX this spring?

FWD: I and my minions (the tiny team is growing) will be bringing a great selection of stuff! We'll have the tried and true soaps and bath bombs, plus a pile of geeky vinyl decals, decorative tiles and coasters, the above mentioned glitter pots and nail polishes, a few of our very unique rhinestone shadow boxes, more travel mugs, and a new item for us this year—glitter encrusted water bottles! I've figured out how to add that amazing holo to glass bottles, and they're pretty sweet. Hopefully our tables won't blind everyone!


Our thanks to Elly for an incredible interview! Make sure to RSVP for GeekCraft Expo PDX now and join us for this free, family-friendly show.



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