Tiny Thunder Brings Jewelry & Jeff Goldblum to GeekCraft Expo PDX

Monday, April 23, 2018

GeekCraft Expo PDX is right around the corner, May 12-13--which also happens to be Mother's Day weekend. Does your mom like gorgeous, offbeat, geeky jewelry? Make sure to steer her to Tiny Thunder, one of our returning exhibitors who offers a huge variety of necklaces, pendants, earrings, and more!


Speaking of more, we chatted with Tiny Thunder proprietor Phoebe Moore about her inspirations and what she's bringing to the Oregon Convention Center next month!


GeekCraft Expo: Can you introduce us to Tiny Thunder?

Phoebe Moore: Tiny Thunder makes weird jewelry for beautiful freaks.

GCE: How did you get interested in making jewelry?

PM: I started making jewelry out of bones for gifts for my friends.

GCE: You have an amazing variety of items—from pop culture-inspired pieces to animals, nature, and more. What inspires you?

PM: I like making jewelry that's funny or confrontational or reminds me of a line from my favorite TV show rerun. I think the ideas of what's beautiful are changing and I want to make jewelry that reflects that. My customers inspire me. I want to make jewelry that's going to make them excited about getting dressed in the morning.

GCE: What are your hottest sellers?

PM: My best seller is the folding knife earrings and crescent moon earrings.

GCE: What are your favorite geeky movies, TV shows, comics, or video games?

PM: I love the X-Files, Twin Peaks, Bob's Burgers, and John Waters.

GCE: What is your favorite convention snack?

PM: My favorite everything is coffee.

GCE: What are you bringing to GeekCraft Expo PDX this spring?

PM: I'm going to bring dinosaur jewelry, fan art, shirts with Jeff Goldblum's face on it, and lots of moss.

Our thanks to Phoebe for a short but sweet interview. Make sure to check out her space, and RSVP for GeekCraft Expo PDX May 12-13! You can also check out a short documentary on Tiny Thunder below:



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