I Crocheted the Thing Brings ALL the Things to GeekCraft Expo PDX

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

GeekCraft Expo PDX is going to have so many amazing geeky crafts, it may be a little overwhelming. That's why we're bringing you a preview of I Crocheted the Thing, one of our incredible exhibitors!


We interviewed Gayle Moffet and chatted with her about her connection to geek culture and what she's bringing to the show May 12-13!


GeekCraft Expo: How were you first introduced to geek culture?

Gayle Moffet: Now, there's a question. If I had to pick a moment, I'd say it was first getting the internet in the late '90s (back when the internet made that skree sound) and discovering fan fiction for shows I liked. From there, it's been an ever-widening circle of geekery. I realized in my early twenties that I was making my own money, which meant I could buy all the comics that looked interesting (my parents had been against comics because they didn't consider them "real" reading [they were so wrong]), and I haven't looked back on that front. So many good books!

GCE: How did you learn to crochet, and when did it start getting geeky?

GM: My grandma taught me when I was four or five. I kept crocheting sort of casually on and off for awhile, but then I picked it up and kept at it when I moved to my first apartment (I had to do something while I was waiting to make friends). It went geeky after I found comics. I love Green Lantern, and I made several Green Lantern costumes for Halloween. The first one, I only crocheted the skirt. The other two Halloweens, I made full dresses. From there, I made my first cosplay by creating a complete Big Barda outfit, and it's been growing since then.

GCE: What spurred you to start selling to the public?

GM: I started by selling a couple of patterns, and it turned to full pieces when I kept getting questions from people at cons about doing commissions. It's been interesting to make a piece by working with a client versus discovering what people find on their own when they find my Etsy shop. I love creating things and watching people get excited about them and then know they're taking them home. I like knowing they'll be loved.

GCE: How do you create your designs?

GM: I kind of get a wild hare about something I want to make, and I play around with the best way to turn it out so that it looks like the thing I'm referencing but still has the feel of something special. The Captain Marvel jacket is a great example. It's as close to the actual costume as I can get, but you get a really interesting look because it's crocheted rather than made of leather or fabric or machine knit.


With things like the hats and potholders, I try to write down what I'm doing as I work, but I usually end up pulling up photos for the last one I made and zooming in so I can count how many rows of color I used. Glad to say prepping for Geek Craft has made it easier to remember to write things down. I've actually got really good notes for several of the things I've previously winged every time.

GCE: What are your favorite geeky movies, TV shows, comics, or video games?

GM: Ghostbusters is probably my favorite franchise of all time. I love all the variations of it, and especially love the comic from IDW. For geeky movies, I love Pacific Rim and Jupiter Ascending and I'm also a huge fan of Star Trek. I've only recently gotten into Star Wars thanks to the new trilogy, and (surprising no one) I'm a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's great to see a bunch of my faves all on the big screen.


I don't actually watch a lot of geeky TV. I keep swearing I will get to them, but then I find out there's another TV show about murderous spouses that's been added to Hulu, and I end up watching nine seasons in seven days. I freaking love the Fallout series and the Dark Souls series for their designs. They both have such a distinct look, and I look forward to really doing a deep dive on costumes in Dark Souls at some point. I'll have Fallout jackets at Geek Craft (they're not done yet, so no photos right now), and I'm hoping to get to make some Dark Souls helmets a little later. I can't possibly narrow down my favorite comics. I'll give just about anything a chance. Comics are magical.

GCE: What is your favorite convention snack?

GM: Anything I can eat by the handful that will keep me from getting snappish at people. I like to keep things simple and have nuts or similar stuff. I also keep some faux-healthy stuff on deck like those gummy fruit snacks because sometimes you just need a sugar rush.

GCE: What are you bringing to GeekCraft Expo PDX this spring?

GM: So many things! I'm bringing a ton of hats. Some have sayings on them and others are design-based. I'm also bringing potholder sets because geeking out the kitchen should happen way more. I'll have one Big Barda blanket and a few helmets that are crocheted using floral wire to help the sticky-up parts stick up.


I'll also have cosplay jackets (Captain Marvel, Classic Nightwing [the original George Perez design, aka Discowing], and Fallout), and I'll have my "doggy" bags, which are two different bags that are based off dogs from two different fandoms (Makkachin from Yuri on Ice and Lucky from the Fraction/Aja Hawkeye). And, as an Expo exclusive, I'll have a Mr. Miracle cape that you can only pick up at my table or order from me directly at Expo. I can't wait to get my table set up and get the chance to meet people. I'm so excited for the show!


Our sincere thanks to Gayle for a great interview! See you at GeekCraft Expo PDX at the Oregon Convention Center May 12-13.





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