15 Great Geeky Gifts to Brighten Someone's Cube @ GeekCraft Expo Seattle!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018






Just 10 days until GeekCraft Expo is returning to Seattle! Everything at our show is handcrafted by local crafters & makers. Here are just a few of the fantastic gifts you can find at our nerdy holiday market for the cube dweller in your life!


Need something a little scary? Try this Hannibal Lecter pen-stand! Yep, that’s right! It won’t even bite! (By Branded42 Leather)


Why not bring your favorite character with you to the office!? Custom art dolls of your favorite anime series, video game, or roleplaying character bring any desk to life! (By Crafty Bunbun)



Zoning out at work surrounded by dull motivational posters? Feast your eyes on some serious brain candy instead. Mario and the gang are cruising through this upcycled thrift art to give your subconscious a nostalgic buzz. (by Courtney Hiersche)


 Theses adorable eldritch horror 8x10 prints are the perfect fit for any cube! (By Eli Wolf)


This beautiful microwave and dishwasher safe mug features my art and calligraphy, and an inspiring quote by G.K. Chesterton: "Fairytales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten." Perfect for those challenging workdays when our "dragons" start getting to us! (By Erika Rae Heins)



Let your coworkers know just what kind of monster you are with these illustrations! (By Little Vampires)


Oopsie Daisy Baby! planters add a splash of liveliness to otherwise boring cubicles (and might scare your neighbors). (By KattSplatt!)


 (By Nerd Wood Designs)

These adorable crocheted cuties are sure to bring a little cheer to any space, big or small! (By Ria Art World)


 This adorable "stand-in puffin' will brighten up any cubical! (By Scary White Girl Designs)


These mini house crest papercuts would be perfect to show off your house pride! (By SmallRiniLady)


 Give your space a little light and a lot of geek with this handmade Tardis lamp! (By SOHI Designs)



Adorable 54-playing card deck with 54 original paintings! (by Stasia Burrington)


I am Groot? I am Groot! Tired of generic office decor plants? Why not spruce up your cube with a plant who not only doesn't need to be watered, but will be a faithful companion! (by Susan's Sweet Squees)


Stuck in boring meetings...again? Then it's time to upgrade your yellow legal pad to an awesome handmade geeky journal! (By White Pigeon Bindery)


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