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exhibitor faq

Why exhibit at GeekCraft Expo?

It’s simple; just like the things you make, GeekCraft Expo is unique. Unlike other craft fairs, GeekCraft Expo offers ONLY handmade, “geek”-themed craft items; in other words, every single person who comes to a GeekCraft Expo does so because they’re looking for exactly the kind of things that you create.


And for the many of you who tend to exhibit more often at comic book conventions than you do at craft fairs, consider this: Comic book convention advertising and marketing tends to focus on three major aspects; collectible comics and toys for sale, cosplay events and photography and creator signings and sketches. Overwhelmingly, the “geek” crafting sector, large though it may be, isn’t mentioned; attendees who find you tend to do so by accident. 


GeekCraft Expo is “curated”…what does that mean?

Effectively, it means that you won’t set up your display at GeekCraft Expo, ready to do tons of business…only to discover that there are twenty other crafters selling essentially the same thing you’re selling. The whole point of GeekCraft Expo is to assemble crafters such as yourself into a group made stronger by its numbers, not to pit you against one another, fighting over the same dollars. That’s what the internet is for.


What is the average attendance?

To offer a simple average of attendance would be misleading; GCE events, which vary in size from around 30 exhibitors to well over 100 exhibitors, are held all over the country in cities both large and small. Obviously, averaging the attendance across all of these events would result in wildly skewed, and completely useless, numbers. The thing to keep in mind about GCE attendees is that virtually 100% of them are there to buy handmade geek goods because a) that's what GCE "is"...that's all there is for sale and b) that's what we market and promote to the public. Simply put; if they're there, they're there for YOU and the conversion rates are incredible.

What’s the exhibitor application process for GeekCraft Expo?

Simply submit an online application form! When a particular GCE event is accepting exhibitor applications, there will be a link provided in that event's listing in the Event Calendar on the main page. Please fill out the form completely; the more information we have about you and what you can bring to the event, the better. 


Please keep in mind that GeekCraft Expo is a curated event and that your application will be reviewed with an aim toward determining whether or not the crafting items you’ll be offering are both sufficiently original and of the quality required to exhibit at GeekCraft Expo. 


Once your application has been accepted, you will be notified via email and invoiced for the amount due. Invoice must be paid within 48 hours. Exhibitor space is not guaranteed until payment is made in full. Payments for exhibitor space are non-refundable.


What is the deadline for submitting an exhibitor application?

We don't "do" deadlines anymore; when we did, the deadline would pass...but the "applications" would nonetheless keep coming, uninterrupted, but via emails and non-structured social media posts and messages, all of which had to be replied to individually. As GeekCraft Expo, at its core, is only two people, this caused a serious drain on resources. Now, we simply accept applications until our Market Curator feels that she has what she needs for the market; when that happens, we announce that we're sold out and that's pretty much that. So when we say, "Apply now!" in our ads, please know that we really mean it and that you should, in fact, apply now if you want to participate in an event.

What type of exhibitor spaces are available at GeekCraft Expo? 

Because we hold our events in many different venues, none of which are identical, exhibitor spaces vary in configuration and square footage. Detailed descriptions of exhibitor spaces are provided on the application for each individual show.


How much does it cost to exhibit at GeekCraft Expo?

The cost of exhibiting at GeekCraft Expo varies. This is due to the different and various costs of such things as securing a venue, assorted rental items such as tables and chairs, applicable permits, marketing, etc. in whichever city and state in which the event is to occur. Once the exhibitor application period opens for a GeekCraft Expo event, the cost of exhibitor space will be listed on the exhibitor application for that particular show.

When comparing the cost of exhibiting at GeekCraft Expo to that of exhibiting at most other events (craft fairs, comic book/anime conventions, etc.), please consider these very important factors:

1. Geeky, handmade craft items are the sole focus of GeekCraft Expo; none of the high number of attendees are there to buy something else as there is nothing else there to buy--they're all there for you.

2. On average, approximately 40% of what you pay for exhibitor space at a GCE event is rolled directly into paid* advertising and promotion...for YOU. 

*This figure does NOT include any monetary value assigned to free social media promotion (exhibitor announcements, exhibitor event photos, exhibitor lists w/ links to exhibitors' online shops, etc.), all of which GeekCraft Expo provides, free of charge.

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